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Ever got intrigued by a United States Coast Guard-sanctioned Captain license? Of course all official information is available on the US Coast Guard web site:, but it is a somewhat cryptic process which can quickly become very confusing.

Here is the real, 10-page Guide, packed with practical information. It will describe, in plain English, how to efficiently navigate those tricky waters to the OUPV License, aka "6-pack", for 6 passengers, and more if you wish. It has been written by people who have successfully been through the entire process.
As most material on, this Guide is not available anywhere else, whether the Internet or any published media.

Table of Contents

The OUPV "6 Pack" License

  • Definition
  • Official Requirements
  • What You Have To Do
  • How To Do it Efficiently
  • What Is Really Considered As "Sea Time"
  • How To Document Sea Time
  • Plus: A charter boat owner's personal experience of going through the Licensing process.

Going one step further: The Master License

Going two steps further: The RYA/USCG Certification

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