Sailing Destinations in America


Lighthouses of america

Click on this picture or follow the link from Budget Travel Magazine and see the many beautiful lighthouses scattered all around the American coastline. This reminds us that one do not have to go too far to experience spectacular sailing and see some breathtaking scenery. Right here in the USA we have some great sailing destinations like San Diego, CA, where sailors seldom have to plan an outing around the weather forecast. it is almost always good for sailing and chartering

. It's common to find boaters relaxing in Mission Bay while others cruise out to Catalina Island for an overnight getaway. Newport, Rhode Island is another top pick and even though seasonal, it is a wonderful destination whether you cruise or race. As a cruising destination, there's a lot more to see and many more places to go than one might imagine. The Chesapeake Bay is ideal because of it's abundance of sailing activity and the variety of experience it offers. There are hundreds of interesting tributaries populated by little charming towns one can even sail up the Potomac River all the way to Washington DC. If you want to venture further south, the Florida Keyes are quite spectacular. Once one gets away from Miami (where there's some great sailing and wonderfull anchorages too), sailing towards the Florida Keys, the pace of life slows down considerably. The water is warm, the temperatures balmy, and the wind is fairly reliable for most of the year. It does not get much better. These are but a few of the hundreds of sailing destinations in the USA and there are several charter companies that can accommodate families and racing crews alike. We would love to hear from you about your favorite places.