Buying A Boat With A Partner


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Buying a charter boat with a partner is becoming more common. This is partly due to the fact that charter companies' contracts are offering more and more owner's use. Therefore, there is enough "room" for 2 families to each enjoy 3 to 4 cruising weeks every year, which is often more than working people can use in the first place. Additionally, of course, the financial burden is shared and this makes the experience available to a much broader number of wannabe boat owners, which is great!

When you do this, though, even with your best friend in the whole world as a partner, you need a solid contract establishing the precise rules between you guys. It is one of the secrets of enjoying the boat and keeping your friendship intact! We strongly suggest not getting into a partnership without this essential instrument. 

However, do not let yourself be intimated by this prospect: it is simpler than it looks...especially when the necessary document is provided to you right here!

This is not a boiler-plate document. This contract is actually used by several partnerships in a charter boat. It attempts to cover most actual situations that can arise during the life of the partnership. However, feel free to adapt it to your personal situation.*

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