New Lagoon 39 at Miami Boat Show


The new Lagoon 39 fits between the Landmark  Lagoon 380 and the new Lagoon 400 S2 version of the Lagoon 400. She will be a great charter boat! Her design follows the new Lagoon 52 and is apparent at first sight: vertical are bevelled bows, aerial cabintop above the deck, and a mast positioned abaft for sailing performance and ease of handling… a strong character indeed! VPLP’s touch goes far beyond all this: the simple, efficient deck layout allows to control the main maneuvers from the steering station, the wide side decks are safe and uncluttered and the stern platforms are designed for an easy, protected boarding. 

Lagoon 39

Laggon 39
As for the cockpit, it will certainly serve as a reference in terms of comfort and protection: a wide transversal gangway aft, a dining table to port and settees to starboard, with a direct access to the steering station either from the cockpit or from the deck. Inside An efficient use of space obviously ranks among the top priorities when developing a 39’ cruising catamaran. In this regard, the Nauta Design office and Lagoon R and D choices combine inventiveness and elegance. Last but not least, if the Lagoon 39 is available in 3 and 4 cabin layout versions like most catamarans her size? She will also be offered in a 2 cabin version, which means the equivalent of an owner’s suite in each hull with king size bed, desk, bathroom… After the Lagoon 400 S2 and the Lagoon 52, a third new Lagoon model was presented at the Paris show and will be displayed at the Miami Show.
Sailonline will represent this catamaran at the show, so please stop by for a tour.
For further details, Pricing, Options, Specifications and Delivery for this new release, please feel fee to contact Michel Benarrosh.