Sell Owner's Time: Rates & Information

  • Six months: $99.00
  • One year:  $179.00

After you have entered your ad information, you will be directed to a secure section for your credit card payment (VISA or MC). Once your ad and payment forms are sent to us, we will display your ad within 24 hours.


We can display 2 pictures per ad. We suggest 1 picture of the boat (exterior) and 1 of the layout or salon/bedroom. Please send us the material via e-mail, in any standard format: JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg) [preferred], or GIF (.gif).


  • We suggest that you include a specific price range and a percentage of discount for your owner's time in the ad, and not a vague wording like:"Contact owner". People react better when they know what to expect.
  • Charter boat owners are responsible for the postings compliance with the contractual obligations imposed by their charter company.

Under no circumstances whatsoever, can be held responsible for any post, or the consequences of any post made in this advertising section.